CSDMS lifetime achievement award 2022


Professor Dano Roelvink, recipient of the 2022 CSDMS lifetime achievement award
Coastal Engineering and Port Development, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, the Netherlands

Dano Roelvink.JPG
Professor Dano Roelvink is recognized for global leadership in coastal engineering and research. He has made wide-ranging and influential contributions to the development and application of numerical morphodynamic models. His work in managing the development in particular of the Delft3D modeling system has greatly enhanced the capabilities of the coastal research and engineering communities. So too has his development of XBeach, the leading model for storm impacts on beaches, dunes, barrier islands, and reefs. The impacts of Professor Roelvink’s model development efforts have been even further enhanced by his early and consistent championship of open-source research software. Further, in his research and engineering work, Professor Roelvink has contributed to problem-solving around the globe, with partnerships spanning from east and south Asia, to west Africa, Europe, and the Americas. In his role as an educator, Professor Roelvink has mentored over 100 graduate students, and he has enriched the community by teaching numerous training courses at locations around the world. Roelvink currently serves as Professor of Coastal Engineering and Port Development at UNESCO-IHE / IHE-Delft.