CSDMS lifetime achievement award 2017


Professor Bob Anderson, recipient of the 2017 CSDMS lifetime achievement award
Department of Geological Sciences, INSTAAR, University of Colorado, Boulder

Bob has previously received the 2015 University of Colorado Distinguished Professor award, the NSF Presidential Young Investigator Award, the GSA Gladys Cole Award for research in arid regions, Hazel Barnes Prize – the top award at CU Boulder recognizing the enriching relationship between teaching and research, and the 2015 G.K. Gilbert award (AGU Earth & Planetary Surface Processes). Bob is a Fellow of AGU, and of INSTAAR. With 157+ peer reviewed books, chapters and journal publications and more than 13000 Google Scholar citations, Bob is demonstrably an outstanding CSDMS member and model developer (Aeolian transport, arctic coastal erosion, and glacier dynamic). His code resides within the CSDMS repository.