CSDMS lifetime achievement award 2010


Professor Gary Parker, recipient of the 2010 CSDMS lifetime achievement award
Department of Geology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Gary has fundamentally contributed to steering the course of scientific thinking. The breadth of his impact is impressive. To wit: It is a smart move to examine the work of Gary and his colleagues if one is interested in any of the following: * Bedform dynamics, and river morphodynamics in general * River meandering * Downstream fining and floodplain deposition * Density stratification effects of suspended sediment * Turbidity currents and submarine debris flows * Cyclic step formation * Morphodynamics of fans and deltas * Bedrock incision * Sediment transport and sorting, and tracer motions in rivers In choosing adjectives to describe Gary’s work, three immediately come to mind: clever, insightful, creative.