CSDMS 2015 annual meeting poster GetachewBelete

Presentation provided during CSDMS annual meeting 2015

Real-time integration of models

Getachew Belete, University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands, Netherlands.

CSDMS2015 poster GetachewBelete.png


Integration of models requires establishing linkage, semantic mediation, and dataset conversion tasks between models. Conventionally model integration tasks are done during development time and users can only use model linkages which are already defined during development time. But as compared to very dynamic users’ needs only few models are integrated and available for usage. What will happen when a user identifies the need to incorporate a ‘new’ model into the integrated system? Either the user himself has to develop the linkage or he has to find somebody who is willing and capable of doing it; which is mostly challenging and time consuming. But if users are provided with a tool that enables to link models at the time of usage, i.e. without requiring additional coding and debugging it will give users better opportunity towards meeting their requirements. Real-time integration can give users additional opportunity to simulate user defined scenarios. In this research we developed model integration framework that enables real-time linkage of ‘simple’ web service based models. The user can define how the models are linked, variable mapping, number of executions, time steps, etc. during the time of usage by using the GUI. The web service based models can be located anywhere and the user needs only the URL of those web service to bring them into the integration. * Please acknowledge the original contributors when you are using this material. If there are any copyright issues, please let us know and we will respond as soon as possible.