References CBOFS2

Lanerolle, L.W.J.; Patchen, R.C.; Aikman III, F.; 2011. The Second Generation Chesapeake Bay Operational Forecast System (CBOFS2): Model Development and Skill Assessment.. .
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2011Model overview 16
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2000Model overview 712
Haidvogel, D.B.; Arango, H.; Budgell, W.P.; Cornuelle, B.D.; Curchitser, E.; Di Lorenzo, E.; Fennel, K.; Geyer, W.R.; Hermann, A.J.; Lanerolle, L.; Levin, J.; McWilliams, J.C.; Miller, A.J.; Moore, A.M.; Powell, T.M.; Shchepetkin, A.F.; Sherwood, C.R.; Signell, R.P.; Warner, J.C.; Wilkin, J.; 2008. Ocean forecasting in terrain-following coordinates: Formulation and skill assessment of the Regional Ocean Modeling System. Journal of Computational Physics, 227, 3595–3624. 10.1016/j.jcp.2007.06.016
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2008Model overview 1071
Shchepetkin, Alexander F.; McWilliams, James C.; 2005. The regional oceanic modeling system (ROMS): a split-explicit, free-surface, topography-following-coordinate oceanic model. Ocean Modelling, 9, 347–404. 10.1016/j.ocemod.2004.08.002
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2005Model application 3691
Song, Yuhe; Haidvogel, Dale; 1994. A Semi-implicit Ocean Circulation Model Using a Generalized Topography-Following Coordinate System. Journal of Computational Physics, 115, 228–244. 10.1006/jcph.1994.1189
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1994Model overview 764
Warner, John C.; Sherwood, Christopher R.; Signell, Richard P.; Harris, Courtney K.; Arango, Hernan G.; 2008. Development of a three-dimensional, regional, coupled wave, current, and sediment-transport model. Computers & Geosciences, 34, 1284–1306. 10.1016/j.cageo.2008.02.012
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2008Model overview 664
Lanerolle, Lyon W. J.; Patchen, Richard C.; Aikman, III, Frank; 2010. The Second Generation Chesapeake Bay Operational Forecast System (CBOFS2): A ROMS-Based Modeling System. . Volume .
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2010Model application 13
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