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Boudreau, B.P. 1986. Mathematics of tracer mixing in sediments: 1. Spatially dependent, Diffusive mixing. American Journal of Science, 286, 161~198. 10.2475/ajs.286.3.161
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1986Model overview 261
Boudreau, B.P.; 1986. Mathematics of thacer mixing in sediments: 2. Nonlocal mixing and biological conveyor-belt phenomena. American Journal of Science, 286, 199~238. 10.2475/ajs.286.3.199
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1986Model overview 180
Boudreau, Bernard P.; 2000. The mathematics of early diagenesis: From worms to waves. Reviews of Geophysics, 38, 389–416. 10.1029/2000RG000081
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2000Model overview 54
Hutton, E.W.H.; Hannisdal, B.; 2011. Bio, version 0.1.. , , 10.1594/IEDA/100099
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