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Welcome to the CSDMS River Network Modeling Initiative page. The River Network Modeling Initiative (currently 217 members) develops and applies modeling tools for river channel evolution, including sediment supply and transport. The initiative supports applications in basic and applied research and on timescales of <1 year to geologic timescales. While raster-based landscape evolution models and single river profile morphodynamic models are common, network-based approaches for sediment transport and channel evolution are comparatively rare. Yet this type of representation is better suited for fluvial sediment transport processes.

Initiative products include the Landlab NetworkModelGrid and the NetworkSedimentTransporter component. Ongoing work seeks to expand modeling tools, example applications, and trainings. Specifically, we aim to:

  • Create a suite of generalized tools and tutorials to enable widespread use of network-based sediment transport and river channel evolution models among the surface process community.
  • Compile synthesis examples that either showcase capabilities of initiative products in the context of real-world examples, or highlight infrastructure needs.
  • Improve the coupling between 2D mesh and network models.
  • Foster community among groups and individuals working on sediment pulse and landscape-scale fluvial sediment transport modeling via workshops and hackathons.

We welcome engagement from all interested individuals and groups.


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