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Welcome to the CSDMS Continental Margin Initiative page. The goal of the Continental Margin Initiative (currently 158 members) is to capture extreme oceanic and atmospheric events generating turbidity currents in the Gulf of Mexico. Most agencies use models to address practical applied problems, for example: operational forecasts; regulatory assessments, permitting, risk assessments, remedial action plans, emergency response, and outreach to stakeholders. They rely on models developed or are funded in-house, for reasons of quality control, specificity, familiarity (with the developers, agency users, and contractors), and cost of changing. Still, the CSDMS community and its products might offer agencies coupled models that these same agencies might like to see developed.
As a proof of concept, and with support of the Marine Working Group, CSDMS will help couple a high resolution large-eddy-simulation (LES) turbidity current model to a coarser resolution Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) ocean circulation model ROMS with the Community Surface Transport Model enabled. This LES-RANS model coupling will employ CMT and also couple with other data and model components. The project is funded through a Rutgers University cooperative agreement with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), and CSDMS will use this opportunity as a proof-of-concept at getting academic (research grade) models into an operational workflow.


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