About Coastal WG



The Coastal Working Group (currently 916 members) deals with delta, estuary, bays and lagoons, and nearshore challenges.

Its working goals are to:

  • Evaluate present knowledge of processes in coastal environments including the human component of those systems
  • Identify numerical models presently in use and Identify gaps in knowledge and areas where model development or improvement is needed.
  • Work with the community to populate the CSDMS model toolkit with models of all sorts, ranging from analytical and simplified numerical models that can be shared with the scientific community in stand-alone form, to numerical models that can be linked to models of other environments, via CSDMS, to allow new sorts of questions to be addressed.
  • To motivate and support populating the toolkit by catalysing collaborations (and proposals) to address interesting and relevant science questions requiring model development and/or model coupling (via Basic Model Interfaces) across different environments, including coastal, terrestrial and marine domains.


Where the 916 Coastal Working Group members are located

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