2023 CSDMS meeting-033


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The Impact of Tropical Cyclones on Streamflow and Sediment Dynamics in Large United States Rivers

Sera May, (She/Her),University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Alabama, United States. samay4@crimson.ua.eduy
Sagy Cohen, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Alabama, United States. sagy.cohen@ua.edu
Julian Leyland, University of Southampton Southampton , United Kingdom. j.leyland@soton.ac.uk

Tropical Cyclones (TCs) are an extreme meteorological event that occurs in many locations globally. These events cause high levels of precipitation and flooding as it makes landfall. Extreme flooding events are known to cause increased suspended sediment flux and discharge in nearby rivers, thus altering sediment dynamics in short time periods. This relationship between TC related precipitation and sediment dynamics of impacted rivers has yet to be studied at a continental scale. This project will be using the WBMsed model to simulate sediment and streamflow dynamics at a continental scale to find the total influence of TC influenced precipitation from 1990-2019. The products will be analyzed in ArcGIS to find spatial and temporal trends and hotspots of influence. The following research questions will also be answered: (1) What is the influence of TC related precipitation on sediment and streamflow dynamics? (2) How does modern anthropogenic conditions affect sediment and streamflow dynamics influenced by TC precipitation? (3) What will be the future impacts of TC related precipitation on sediment and streamflow dynamics in the United States?