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Discussion Page for the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

List of Model Websites
CDOG Model:

ROMS Model:

HYCOM Model:

NCOM Model:

FVCOM Model:

NearCoM Model(s):


NearCoM FUNWAVE Model:


SLOSH Model (used by National Hurricane Center)

List of Relevant Websites

USF Ocean Circulation Group - Model Runs for the Gulf Oil Spill (Various Depths and Models)

USF Ocean Circulation Group - Loop Current Simulation for 1 Month

Texas A & M University Library - Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Page
(Many links to other online resources.)

NASA Imagery of the Oil Spill:

NOAA Incident News Page - Deepwater Horizon Incident

NOAA Office of Response and Restoration - Deepwater Horizon Incident Page & Current Trajectory Maps,subtopic_id,topic_id&entry_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=809&subtopic_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=2&topic_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=1

NOAA Office of Response and Restoration - Software and Data Sets Page

NOAA's GNOME Model:,subtopic_id,type_id&entry_id(entry_subtopic_type)=292&subtopic_id(entry_subtopic_type)=25&type_id(entry_subtopic_type)=3

NOAA's National Hurricane Center:

US Coast Guard Visual Information Gallery

ESRI Interactive Map for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

UNC Coastal Circulation and Transport Page:

Articles and Blogs

NY Times - Environment - The Oil and the Loop Current (May 18)

Washington Post - More Worst-Case Scenarios in Gulf Oil Spill
(With quotes from Dr. Rober Weisberg)

Washington Post - After Gulf Coast oil spill, scientists envision devastation for region

TreeHugger Blog: Loop Current Now Dragging Gulf Oil Disaster Towards Florida Keys

Relevant Publications

Dasanayaka, L.K. and P.D. Yapa (2009) Role of plume dynamics phase in a deepwater oil and gas release model, Journal of Hydro-environment Research, 2(4), 243-253.

Johansen, O. (2000) DeepBlow - A Lagrangian plume model for deep water blowouts, Spill Science & Technology Bull., 6(2), 103-111.

Johansen, O., H. Rye and C. Cooper (2003) DeepSpill - Field study of a simulated oil and gas blowout in deep water, Spill Science and Technology Bull., 8(5-6), 433-443.

Michel, J. and J.A. Galt (???) Conditions under which floating slicks can sink in marine settings, ****, ****.

Zheng, L., P.D. Yapa and F. Chen (2002) A model for simulating deepwater oil and gas blowouts - Part I. Theory and model formulation, Journal of Hydraulic Research, 41(4), 339-351.