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Module questionnaire[edit]

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Module type

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Module type:
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Incorporated models

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Module identity

Module domain:
Spatial dimensions:
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For example:
  • 1D: profiles
  • 1.5D: 2D projections extracted from 1D profiles
  • 2D: a DEM grid with one value of z for every x-y location
  • 3D: multiple z values possible for every x-y location
Spatial extent:
(More options possible)
For Example:
  • The world
  • Continental (order 1,000 km)
  • Regional-Scale (order 100 km)
  • Landscape-Scale (order 10 km)
  • Watershed-Scale (order 1 km)
  • Reach-Scale (order 100m)
  • Patch-Scale (order 1-10m)
  • Grain-Scale (order 0.00001 to 1m)
  • Point-Based
One-line module description:
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Model Keywords

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Technical information

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Code optimized for:
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How is the use of multiple processors implemented: Nr. of distributed processors:
Nr. of shared processors:

Start year development:
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Status development code:
Year when 'Status development code' was indicated:
Module availability:
Repository where source code can be found:
Source code downloadable from website:
Source code downloadable from website:
Program license type:
Other license:
Memory requirements:
Typical run time:

Input / Output description

Describe input parameters:
Input format:
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Describe output parameters:
Output format:
Other output format:
Pre-processing software needed?:
Describe pre-processing software:
Post-processing software needed?:
Describe post-processing software:
Visualization software needed?:
Select visualization software:
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Process representation

Describe processes represented by the module:
Describe key physical parameters and equations:
Describe length scale and resolution constraints:
Describe time scale and resolution constraints:
Describe any numerical limitations and issues:

Module testing

Describe available calibration data sets:
Upload calibration data sets if available (Multiple files possible): Upload file
Describe available test data sets:
Upload test data sets if available (Multiple files possible): Upload file
Describe ideal data for testing:

Users groups

Do you have current or future plans for collaborating with other researchers?:

Additional users groups

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Is there a manual available?:
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Module website if any:
Module forum / discussion board:

Additional comments


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