HPCC account request

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CSDMS HPCC guest account request form

Before you apply

We require users to be familiar with the following if you intend to use CSDMS compute resources:

Cluster computing and high performance computing: What these types of resources can and cannot do and how they are different from a desktop computing environment.

Basic Unix/Linux: Working with the shell and command line, file editing, setting file and directory rights, etc.

SSH and file transfer (sFTP): Tools used to log in and transfer files that are not always available on a standard desktop computer.

Basic shell scripting: Users create and edit scripts that launch compute jobs. These scripts are submitted to a queue and run your job when you reach the head of the line.

Apply for an account

You're about to request an account on the CSDMS HPC. Please request an account only if you want to make use of the HPC. The University of Colorado requires the following information for creating an account. Please be as detailed as possible to speed up the process of creating your account. Your account details will be sent to you within 5-7 working days provided you have met the account requirements.

Email the following information to csdms@colorado.edu: Copy / paste:

I do / did have a (previous) affiliation with the Univ. of Colorado (or received a CSDMS HPC account in the past):(Yes/No)
First name:
Last name:
Email address:
State / Country:
Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yyyy):
Gender: (male/female)
Name of model you would like to use:
CSDMS member (yes / no):
Reason you want an account:
Do you need to use the Web Modeling Tool? (yes / no) :