Data:Global Cropland Area (1960-2100)

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Global Cropland Area (1960-2100) dataset information page

Short Description

Maps of GLDUM-predicted cropland area (Figure 8 in Haney and Cohen 2015)

Statement: Global Cropland Area predictions by the GLDUM model

Abstract: An output of the Global Land Use Dynamics Model (GLUDM). Spatially explicit global estimates of cropland area between 1960-2099. Yearly time steps in individual NetCDF files.

The GLDUM is based on pixel-specific regression between historic land use changes and global population. Land use expansion and abandonment is governed by environmental and land use restrictions (e.g altitude and urbanization).

Fro more detailes see:

Haney, N., Cohen, S. (2015), Predicting 21st century global agricultural land use with a spatially and temporally explicit regression-based model. Applied Geography, 62: 366-376. doi:10.1016/j.apgeog.2015.05.010

Data format

Data type: Land Cover
Data origin: Modeled
Data format: NetCDF
Other format:
Data resolution: 0.1 arc-min
Datum: lat-long

Data Coverage

Spatial data coverage: Global
Temporal data coverage: Time series
Time period covered: 1960-2099


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