New Orleans Louisiana, United States
16 - 16 December 2017

The purpose of Gilbert Club, which has no formal affiliation with any organization, is to hear talks and discuss research in geomorphology, especially theoretical geomorphology. The name derives from the geomorphologist Grove Karl Gilbert, but the term "club" is whimsical as Gilbert Club is not itself an organization and there is no membership. Gilbert Club was simply conceived as an opportunity for a growing community to hear major talks, debate new ideas, and encourage community level discussion of issues. The goal is to have faculty, students, government researchers and industry workers meet regularly to spawn collaborations and, frankly, to encourage friendships, on an annual basis. It has always been an open meeting, first advertised through paper mailings and now through email. In recent years attendance has approached 300. We normally have just three or four 50-minute presentations, followed by 20 minutes of discussion and debate. During the last hour or more, depending on how well we keep on schedule, we have "pop ups," during which brief (a few minutes) presentations are made by whomever wishes to do so. We have long breaks and lunch, as well as an evening of pizza and beer to encourage discussion and strengthen communication.

The essentials of Gilbert Club will not change, despite the first time in a new venue! There will be three main speakers and pop-ups just like always. We will have buses to get you to the venue in the morning and to get you back to the convention center in the evening. There will be minimal space for posters, so if you want to post one, come early. Coffee will be plentiful, but the quality is not guaranteed.

New things to be ready for: Pop-up sign-up will be in advance. Dinner will reflect the setting (fried chicken and vegan jambalaya) and given venue rules, there will be a cash bar. This year payment can only be made online with a credit card.

Speakers will be announced soon.

Registration costs (half day includes everything but dinner, full day includes everything):

Student/post-doc half day: $55

Student/post-doc full day: $65

Everyone else half day: $65

Everyone else full day: $75