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ClueMondo, a land-use change model is the latest contribution to the CSDMS repository by Prof. Peter Verburg of the University of Amsterdam. ClueMondo is a global model designed to assess land-use transitions based on outside drivers, local land suitability, resistance to conversion, and the competitive advantage of the land systems. The model highlights how unique the effects of increasing agricultural production with different strategies are in different regions of the world. More...

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2016 September 13: RivMAP


2016 September 16: PyDeltaRCM


2016 April 11: OptimalCycleID


2016 September 16: PyDeltaRCM


2016 April 11: OptimalCycleID


2015 August 11: Badlands

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Coastal 59 5 4
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Hydrology 59 43 17
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Recent publication contributions

Publication(s)Model describedDOICitations
Mungkasi, S., and Darmawan, J.B.B., 2015. Fast and Efficient Parallel Computations Using a Cluster of Workstations to Simulate Flood Flows, in Communications in Computer and Information Science (R. Intan et al. (Eds.)), V. 516 of the series Communications in Computer and Information Science pp 469-477. Anuga 10.1007/978-3-662-46742-8_43 1
Schlögla, S., Martya, C., Bavaya, M., and Lehning, M., 2016. Sensitivity of Alpine3D modeled snow cover to modifications in DEM resolution, station coverage and meteorological input quantities. Environmental Modelling & Software, v. 83, p. 387–396 Alpine3D 10.1016/j.envsoft.2016.02.017 --
Kobierskaa, F., Jonasa, T., Magnussona, J., Zappac, M., Bavaya, M., Bosshardd, T., Paule, F., and Bernasconib, S.M., 2011. Climate change effects on snow melt and discharge of a partly glacierized watershed in Central Switzerland (SoilTrec Critical Zone Observatory). Applied Geochemistry, v. 26 Supplement, p. S60–S62 Alpine3D 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2011.03.029 12
Michlmayr, G., Lehning, M., Koboltschnig, G., Holzmann, H., Zappa, M., Mott, R., and Schöner, W., 2008. Application of the Alpine 3D model for glacier mass balance and glacier runoff studies at Goldbergkees, Austria. Hydrological Processes, V. 22, Issue 19, p. 3941–3949. Alpine3D 10.1002/hyp.7102 34
Mott, R., Faure, F., Lehning, M., Löwe, H., Hynek, B., Michlmayer, G., Prokop, A., and Schöner, W., 2008. Simulation of seasonal snow-cover distribution for glacierized sites on Sonnblick, Austria, with the Alpine3D model. Annals of Glaciology, V. 49, No. 1, p. 155-160. Alpine3D 10.3189/172756408787814924 31

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