Delft3D Short Course and Delta Field Trip

Mississippi river.jpg
Baton Rouge Louisiana, United States
04 - 09 December 2017

Join the Water Institute of the Gulf and Deltares for a three part short course in Delft3D modeling and delta geomorphology.

Part 1: Monday - Tuesday
Introduction to Delft3D. Intended to introduce new users to the basic operation of Delft3D.

Part 2: Wednesday - Friday
Advanced topics in Delft3D. Morphological modeling, water quality (DWAQ), flexible mesh, calibration and validation of the West Bay Morphological Model.

Part 3: Saturday
Field visit to the Mississippi River Birdsfoot Delta, including the West Bay Sediment Diversion

Participants are encouraged to join any combination of the three parts.

For registration and pricing information email:

Registration is on a first come first serve base with a maximum capacity of 40 participants.