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Marine animations

Arctic Sea Ice 2009 Seaice2009.png sea ice Overeem, Irina
CHILD Sedflux coupling experiment CHILD Sedflux coupling experiment.png Coupling CHILD sedflux, Coupling models Hutton, Eric
Cook Inlet, Alaska Tidal Currents Show L.gif Mark Johnson, Andrey Proshuntinsky
Global Wave Power 2012 WavepowerNorthPacific 2012.png wave power, wave energy, Pacific ocean, Scotland, renewable energy Kettner, Albert
Global Wave heights 2012 WaveheightsNorthAtlantic Feb1 2012.png significant wave height Kettner, Albert
Global wave height Wave height movie example.png Waves Kettner, Albert
Globe Wave Power 2moWavePower.jpg Waves, wave energy Kettner, Albert
Ocean Waves during Hurricane Sandy 2012 HurricaneSandy track.png significant wave height, wind-driven waves, storm track, natural hazard Kettner, Albert
Sediment and Ocean processes ROMS.jpg PASTA Harris, Courtney
WAVEWATCH III model run Dec 2007 to Feb 2008 DEC 2007 FEB 2008.jpg Waves CSDMS, Community
WAVEWATCH III model run Dec 2008 to Feb 2009 DEC 2008 FEB 2009.jpg Waves CSDMS, Community
WAVEWATCH III model run Jun 2008 to AUG 2008 JUN 2008 AUG 2008.jpg Waves CSDMS, Community
WAVEWATCH III model run Mar 2008 to May 2008 MAR 2008 MAY 2008.jpg Waves CSDMS, Community
WAVEWATCH III model run Sep 2008 to Nov 2008 SEP 2008 NOV 2008.jpg Waves CSDMS, Community
Water level in Gulf of Mexico during Hurricane Rita RitaStormSurgeinGulfofMexico.png Storm Surge, Gulf of Mexico Xing, Fei
Waterlevel in Wax Lake during Rita WaxLake waterlevel preRita.png tides, storm surge, delta, inundation Xing, Fei
Wave heights during hurricane Katrina 2005 Hurricankatrina satelliteview.png hurricane Katrina, wind-driven waves, natural hazard Kettner, Albert
Wave heights in Gulf of Mexico due to Rita Waveheightsdueto Rita.png significant wave height Xing, Fei
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