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Laboratory movies

Bed Rock Steps Bedrocksteps.jpg bed rock, errosion Parker, Gary
Bed load sediment transport Bedload.jpg bed load, transportation Paola, Chris
Bed load sediment transport close up Bedload close.jpg bed load, transportation Paola, Chris
Bedload Transportation Bedload transport.jpg bed load, transportation Tom Drake, Ron Shreve
Bioturbation by Worms Wormactivity.png soils, organic matter, ecology van Egmond, Wim
Braided Stream Morphology Xesbr.jpg stream channel, fluvial, morphology Paola, Chris
Braided Streams in a fan-delta XESbasin.jpg stream channel, fluvial, morphology, delta Parker, Gary
Delta lab experiment Delta lab experiment.png Laboratory experiments Powell, Erica
Density Current 2xHead8xBody Preview.jpg turbidity current, subcritical flow Lamb, Mike
Drainage Basin Morphology Draigagebasin.jpg drainage, basin, erosion Parker, Gary
Sand Ripples Current ripples.jpg sediment, bed load, ripples McBride, Earle
Sediment Dam Removal (front view) Damremfrontview.jpg dam, sediment Parker, Gary
Sediment Dam Removal (top view) Damremtopview.jpg dam, sediment Parker, Gary
Sheet flow bedload movement Sheetpeng.jpg bed load, sheet flow Parker, Gary
Shoreline Transgression & Regression Xessl.jpg shoreline, transgression, delta, fluvial Paola, Chris
The Development of An Experimental Meandering River Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 11.47.45 AM.png van Dijk, Wout
Underwater Debris Flow Undf.jpg underwater, debris, flow Parker, Gary
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