PhD studentship at Minnesota: Glacier retreat, lake archives, and isostatic adjustment in southern Patagonia

University of Minnesota, Minnesota, United States
Start reviewing process: 31 October 2017

Emi Ito and Andy Wickert invite applicants for an NSF-funded PhD position at the University of Minnesota for the Integrated Earth Systems project, "Solid Earth response of the Patagonian Andes to post-Little Ice Age glacial retreat". This studentship is part of a 4-university collaborative project to link GIA with ice and rock mass movements in a tectonically-active environment. The student would: (1) Gather and analyze lake core samples to map glacial and related deposits that can be used to infer patterns of erosion and deposition, and (2) map and model glacier evolution and the associated isostatic response. This project requires a student who is enthusiastic about combining field, lab, and modeling work that spans different disciplines (glaciology, paleolimnology, geophysics) and integrates faculty and students from multiple institutions.

If interested, please contact the prospective coadvisors:

Emi Ito <> Andy Wickert <>