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Why couple models

About CMT


The CSDMS Modeling Tool (CMT) allows you to run and couple CSDMS model components on the CSDMS supercomputer in a user-friendly software environment. Components in the CMT are based on original models adapted to communicate with other models. The CMT software runs on your own computer; but it communicates with the CSDMS HPCC, to perform the simulations. Thus, the CMT offers you a relatively easy way of using the CSDMS supercomputer for model experiments, but there are three required steps before you can use your downloaded software



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Download the CSDMS Modeling Tool (CMT) client for PC, Mac or Linux and start running models or coupled components on the CSDMS supercomputer.

The CSDMS Modeling Tool is your way of communicating with the CSDMS supercomputer. Scripts and commands constantly go back and forth between the CMT on your computer and the HPCC. Read more about three prerequisits in the above section.

Run models


We have a database with all models that are components in the CMT. Provided you have already setup the required HPCC account and a secure connection you can launch the CMT quickly from the list.

Find all components listed and launch the CMT...

Visualization output


Model simulations in the CMT are setup to generate output that can be visualized with the associated software package VisIT. VisIt can run remotely on the CSDMS HPCC, but you do need to install the package on your own computer to fully use this functionality.

Read more on VisIT...

Add a model to CMT


CSDMS Software engineers have sofar 'wrapped' models to be components in the CMT. But you can help make your model as ready as can be. Here there are instructions on getting your model into the CMT faster.


What's new


CMT has changed! We tried to improve CMT such that the tool is more user friendly. Many new features are added as well as tutorials and help files.



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Here you can find documentation and support on how to install and use CMT. You can also report a bug or request improvement. We like to hear from you!


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