CSDMS meeting 2017 abstract list

Annual Meeting 2017
Modeling Coupled Earth and Human Systems - The Dynamic Duo


Number of submitted abstracts: 54

NameAbstract title
Angelopoulos, Michael TBD
Ashton, Andrew Modeling Reef Island Profile Morphodynamics
Baral, Prashant No abstract submitted yet
Barnhart, Katherine Flow direction and accumulation in Landlab
Bastianon, Elena No abstract submitted yet
Beaulieu, Olivia No abstract submitted yet
Borhani, Sanaz Probabilistic Sediment Continuity Equation with No Active Layer
Callaghan, Kerry Groundwater storage contributions to sea level at and since the Last Glacial Maximum
Contreras, JOSE Long wave study in the Caribbean Sea basin of Venezuela
Dunn, Frances (Un)sustainability of Deltas Under Potential Future Changes in Sediment Delivery
Hawker, Laurence How significant is irrigation for flood inundation modelling in deltas?
Hsu, Leslie No abstract submitted yet
Islam, Md Tazmul Testing a New Global Bedload Flux Model
Istanbulluoglu, Erkan Evolving patterns of glaciers and summer streamflow in the Pacific Northwest US: 1960-2100
Jafarov, Elchin Modeling hydrothermal interaction within 2D hillslope
Jenkins, Chris Sonar Backscatter Responses of Intensely Biological Seafloors - Fast Marching Simulations
Kerr, Jeremy An algorithm for optically-deriving water depth in coral reef landscapes in the absence of ground-truth data
Lacy, Jessie Spatial gradients in SSC at the interface of an estuary and a salt marsh: Implications for sediment supply to the marsh
Lazar, Attila Modelling household adaptation choices using a dynamic Bayesian Network model
Lorenzo Trueba, Jorge Using coupled geo-economic models to explore the interplay between coastal protection, natural processes, and economic values along developed shorelines
Lyons, Nathan No abstract submitted yet
Mariotti, Giulio Long-term morphodynamics of muddy backbarrier basins: Fill in or Empty out?
Morgan, Jacob Two-dimensional modeling of variable-width gravel bed morphodynamics
Moriarty, Julia Coupling Sediment Transport and Biogeochemical Processes: The Role of Resuspension on Oxygen & Nutrient Dynamics
Morris, Chloe Modelling the Morphodynamic Interactions and Co-Evolution of Coupled Coast-Estuarine Environments
Mouchene, Margaux Autogenic versus allogenic controls on a fluvial megafan/mountainous catchment coupled system: numerical modelling and comparison with the Lannemezan megafan (Northern Pyrenees, France)
Murray, Brad Coupled Modeling of River and Coastal Processes: New Insights about Delta Morphodynamics, Avulsions, and Autogenic Sediment Flux Variability
Myers, James (Jim) No abstract submitted yet
Nelson, Gerald No abstract submitted yet
Nitzbon, Jan Towards representing thermokarst processes in land surface models
Nudurupati, Sai No abstract submitted yet
Nudurupati, Sai Siddhartha No abstract submitted yet
Ozdemir, Celalettin Turbulence-resolving Two-Phase Flow Simulations of Wave- and Current Supported Turbidity Flows
Palermo, Rose Coupling coastal processes and human interactions within a littoral cell
Perkins, Jonathan Stratigraphic and hydrologic controls on large-volume landslides in NW Washington State
Rengers, Francis No abstract submitted yet
Richmond, Nick No abstract submitted yet
Rogers, Kimberly Sociocultural Dynamics in Global Human-Environmental Systems Models: Adding Local Depth to Decision Making Algorithms
Schumann, Guy Global-Scale Event-Continuous Flood Event Simulation: When WBM Meets LISFLOOD-FP
Sherwood, Chris TBD
Shobe, Charles Hillslope-derived blocks, erosion thresholds, and topographic scaling in mountain rivers
Singh, Arvind No abstract submitted yet
Tang, Hui No abstract submitted yet
Torres, Raymond No abstract submitted yet
Ullah, Isaac Coupled Human-Earth Systems Models and the “Digital Proxy Record:” Connecting the Human and Natural
Upton, Phaedra Links between the human dimension and long term tectonics
Vaughn, Tyler Understanding flooding extent and the mechanisms of surface inundation in areas of impermeable soils using the ANUGA hydrodynamic model: A study from Fredonia, Kansas
WANG, PING No abstract submitted yet
Whitman, Mackenzie Resilience Analysis of Bangladesh Inland Waterway Network Using Landsat Data
Xue, Liang No abstract submitted yet
qin, yanhui Modeling permafrost thermal state and active layer thickness on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China