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The Carbonates and Biogenics Focus Research Group (C-FRG) (currently 170 members) has been created with the aim of identifying and then addressing the grand challenges for fundamental research on ancient and recent carbonate and biogenic systems. This aim will be accomplished through creation of the next generation of numerical carbonate and biogenic process models under the umbrella of the CSDMS initiative. The initiative is driven by the idea that open-source numerical models and associated quantitative datasets can be state-of-the-art repositories for our knowledge of how carbonate and biogenic systems work, as well as being experimental tools to apply to develop and enhance that knowledge.

A first step in addressing this aim occurred in February 2008 when various members of the carbonate community attended a workshop at the Colorado School of Mines. The purposes of the workshop were to identify grand challenges for fundamental research on ancient and recent carbonate systems, and to identify promising areas for advancing the next generation of numerical process models to enhance our ability to meaningfully and accurately model carbonate systems. Thirty-one attendees from academia and industry worked to initiate a carbonate community across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including sedimentology, stratigraphy, geobiology, oceanography, paleoclimatology, numerical process modeling, and carbonate diagenesis. More about the meeting and its results are on the web, at: Carbonate systems

The next steps planned to advance the group’s aims were to:

  • develop the carbonate community online via this forum (so please sign up, bookmark this page and contribute to discussions etc as they develop)
  • upload existing model code and information into the CSDMS repository so that people can start to use and further develop the various carbonate numerical models
  • upload useful data on carbonate and biogenic systems (e.g. digitized maps of modern and ancient systems, geochemical data, bed thickness data from outcrop and core analysis, and so on) to the CSDMS data repository
  • meet with a small, focused group in early 2009 to tie up loose ends from the last meeting, and, most importantly, to draft a series of research proposals to be submitted to NSF and elsewhere, to fund the first stages of C-FRG research.

To meet these steps, the Carbonate Focus Research Group met again in January 26-27, 2009 at the CSDMS Integration Facility. The specific purpose of this meeting was to further build the carbonate focused research group research programme by doing two things:

  • Preparing one or more draft proposal to NSF to fund research programs focused on development of next-generation carbonate numerical forward models. Although the focus of these proposals will be model development, the proposed work could also cover aspects of data gathering, concept development, and quantitative analysis of modern and ancient carbonates to support generation of meaningful, useful models; and
  • Deciding on the best structure and working practices for the group to achieve the stated aims.

See Carbonate FRG 2009 for more information about the second meeting.

During the October 19th-20th 2009 we met jointly with the Marine Group from CSDMS. Aside from making useful contacts with the marine group and discussing our common interest and goals, we also made some significant progress in kick-starting development of the carbonate work bench. For a summary of the meeting click here ppt | pdf .


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