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Dear CSDMS Member

Welcome to the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System. We thank you for having joined one or more of our dynamic groups.

An overarching goal of CSDMS and its primary funder, the U.S. National Science Foundation, is to encourage more open collaboration and cooperation within our modeling community. Working together we hope to make the Earth surface dynamics community more effective with less duplication of effort, more ways to connect models, and open source models that allow others to easily build upon them. Since July 2009, we have more than 295 members from 15 countries. To get a better understanding of what CSDMS has accomplished so far, please browse our web site: ( http://csdms.colorado.edu). We also provide brief updates to our membership about every 4 months. Like you, I do not like getting too many emails, so our web site is always up to date. You can read my latest update letter by following this link.

The CSDMS Working Groups are: Terrestrial, Coastal, Marine, Education & Knowledge Transfer, and Cyberinformatics & Numerics. The CSDMS Focus Research Groups are: Hydrology, Carbonate and Chesapeake. Current information about these groups and your membership benefits are available on the CSDMS website.

Contributing to the model repository is key to our mission and highly supportive to the CSDMS community. We heartily thank the many individuals who have taken the time to submit their models along with their metadata, test cases, example input and output files – and ask you, as a member, to equally commit to this goal. This is so important to our effort, and your favorite funding managers are noting which members are fulfilling their requirement to make their models and modeling tools publicly available.

We are hoping that members will become familiar with the concept of ‘Initialize, Run, Finalize’ or IRF that is so important for component modeling. Details can be found in the CSDMS Handbook: (Tools_CSDMS_Handbook) or have a look at these examples. If needed, please contact our software engineers: Beichuan Yan, Eric Hutton or Scott Peckham CSDMSsupport@colorado.edu to ask to schedule individual help.

You will note that we provide our member modeling community with free access to, and a migration pathway toward high-performance computing. We have acquired a 512-core supercomputer from SGI (Intel quad-core 3GHz processors), with 2GB of RAM per core, for a total of 1 TB RAM. This link provides more information about the CSDMS HPCC.

The groups are planning to meet next in October or November 2009, at the CSDMS Integration Facility located in Boulder, Colorado. More information will be provided to the members soon via the membership email lists. (An email confirming your subscription to the membership email list of the group you have joined will be sent to the email address you provided). If you are interested to contribute your time and expertise to the goals and projects of a group, please contact its Chairperson(s) for more detailed information about the next meeting. If you have any questions, you may additionally contact our Executive Assistant at: csdms@colorado.edu.

Again, we thank you for your membership, and look forward to your active participation in this exciting and important project.

All the best,

James P.M. Syvitski
Executive Director, CSDMS
University of Colorado-Boulder
csdms@colorado.edu; 303-735-5482