Turbidity currents 2009

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Modeling of turbidity currents and related gravity currents, June 1-3, 2009

Photo by Flickr user Ben Grogan used under a Creative Commons license
Date: June 1-3, 2009
Location: Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara (CA), USA
Convenors: Eckart Meiburg (UCSB) and Ben Kneller (University of Aberdeen, UK)




Following the successful first workshop of 2005, this three-day informal meeting will be an opportunity for discussion on all aspects of the behaviour of turbidity and related gravity currents, including relevant studies on non-particulate gravity currents, from direct observations in the environment and the laboratory to numerical simulation. The workshop will consist of a combination of relatively informal plenary sessions, posters, and an offsite half-day excursion to promote informal discussion. We suggest that this should be a work- in-progress meeting, and anticipate perhaps 50 to 60 participants.

Circulars and Program

media:TC Flyer2009.pdf


Presentations given during the Turbidity and Gravity Currents Modeling meeting:

Presented by Title Download
E. Gonzalez-Juez Gravity Current Flow past a Circular Cylinder ppt
R. Henniger Direct Numerical Simulation of Particle Settling in Model Estuaries ppt
L. Lesshafft Inverse Modeling of sediment deposition from turbidity currents pdf
L. Lesshafft Sediment Waves:linear stability of a turbidity current boundary layer pdf