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CSDMS Integration Facility Personnel

Syvitski2010.png James P.M. Syvitski
Executive Director
(303) 735-5482

Photo Peckham w80 h110.jpg Scott D. Peckham
Chief Software Architect
(303) 492-6752

Overeem2010.png Irina Overeem
Research Scientist
(303) 492-6631
One cool dude Eric Hutton
Research Scientist
(303) 492-6233
AKettner2010.png Albert Kettner
Research Scientist
(303) 735-5486
BerlinUpdate2010.png Maureen Berlin
Research Associate
(303) 492-4771
Sagy Cohen.png Sagy Cohen
Research Associate
(303) 492-8213
Yan2010.png Beichuan Yan
Software Engineer
(303) 492-2841
Kallumadikal2010.png Jisamma Kallumadikal
Computer Scientist
(303) 492-6462
HannonUpdate.png Mark Hannon
Grad. Research Assistant
(303) 735-3609
BHudsonUpdate.png Benjamin Hudson
Grad. Research Assistant
(303) 735-3609
Fei.xing.png Fei Xing
Grad. Research Assistant
(303) 492-8213
Higgins photo.png Stephanie Higgins
Grad. Research Assistant
(303) 492-2841
Lofton2010.png Marlene Lofton
Executive Assistant
(303) 735-5482
MFentress2010.png Mary Fentress
(303) 492-4112

CStoffel2010.png Chad Stoffel
System Administrator
(303) 735-5216

CSDMS Associates

Brakenridge.png G. Robert Brakenridge
Director, Dartmouth Flood Observatory
Professor, Dartmouth College
Senior Research Scientist,
INSTAAR, University of Colorado
(303) 735-5485
CJenkins.png Christopher James Jenkins
Senior Research Scientist
INSTAAR, University of Colorado
(303) 735-5250

CSDMS Visiting Scientists & Short-Term Students (If photo is included, the person is currently in residence)

Name Profession University Period visiting
Juan D. Restrepo Ángel Professor of Geological Sciences EAFIT University, Colombia 2010 July
Aaron Zettler-Mann M.Sc. Student University of Colorado-Boulder, USA 2010 June - Aug
Vittorio Maselli Ph.D. Student University of Bologna, Italy 2010 May - June
Silke Carmen Lutzmann M.Sc. Student University of Bonn, Germany 2010 March - June
Bjorn Heise Post Doc. Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany 2009 Aug
Ilja de Winter Ph.D. student Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands 2009 June
Juan D. Restrepo Ángel Professor of Geological Sciences EAFIT University, Colombia 2009 Feb - May
Yun-zhen (Jane) Chen Ph.D. student Nanjing University, China 2008 Oct - 2009 Oct