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First name Eunseo
Last name Choi
Type of contact Model developer
Institute / Organization Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Postal address 1 P.O. Box 1000
Postal address 2 61 Rt. 9W
Town / City Palisades
Postal code 10964
State New York
Country United States
Email address
Phone 845-365-8813
Fax 845-365-8156




Also known as
Model type Single
Model part of larger framework

Technical specs

Supported platforms Linux, Mac OS
Other platform
Programming language C
Other program language
Code optimized Single Processor, Parallel

Computing"Parallel </br>Computing" is not in the list (Single Processor, Multiple Processors) of allowed values for the "Code optimized" property.

Multiple processors implemented
Nr of distributed processors
Nr of shared processors
Start year development 2003
Does model development still take place? Yes
If above answer is no, provide end year model development
Code development status
When did you indicate the 'code development status'?
Model availability As code
Source code availability
(Or provide future intension)
Through web repository
Source web address
Source csdms web address
Program license type GPL v2
Program license type other
Memory requirements tipically < 1 GB
Typical run time hours to days


Describe input parameters In XML format, the following groups of parameters are specified:

simulation control group: total model time, time step, damping, etc. plugins: elasticity, viscoelasticity, temperature solver, etc. domain description group: domain size, element numbers, etc. initial and boundary conditions group

Input format ASCII
Other input format XML
Describe output parameters Nodal field data: velocity, temperature

Element-centered (discontinuous) field data: strain rate, stress, plastic strain, etc.

Output format Binary
Other output format
Pre-processing software needed? No
Describe pre-processing software
Post-processing software needed? Yes
Describe post-processing software A simple C program that converts binary outputs into ascii data file in the VTK format.
Visualization software needed? Yes
If above answer is yes
Other visualization software ParaView or anything that can visualize VTK files.


Describe processes represented by the model Momentum balance in solid continuum under gravity and kinematic boundary conditions.
Describe key physical parameters and equations Newton's second law in the dynamic form is damped to acquire static or quasi-static solutions. Among importance parameters are those for a constitutive model (elastic moduli, linear and non-linear viscosity, and parameters for strain-weakening plasticity) and damping parameters.
Describe length scale and resolution constraints No inherent length scale or resolution as long as the continuum hypothesis is satisfied. A practical constraint on length scale and resolution is computational cost.
Describe time scale and resolution constraints Time scale is essentially set by the Courant condition: practially by P-wave velocity or maxwell time according to the constitutive model being considered. However, the mass scaling technique allows significantly increased time steps values from the usual dynamic one.
Describe any numerical limitations and issues Extreme deformation of mesh is expected during large deformationin the updated Lagrangian formulation but prevented by regridding. The numerical diffusion due to regridding, however, can sometime make structures (e.g. shear localization) lose desired sharpness.

Regridding itself fails from time to time.


Describe available calibration data sets
Upload calibration data sets if available:
Describe available test data sets
Upload test data sets if available:
Describe ideal data for testing


Do you have current or future plans for collaborating with other researchers?
Is there a manual available? Yes
Upload manual if available: Media:Snac.pdf
Model website if any
Model forum / discussion board






Input Files

Output Files

Download source code