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Also known as
Model type Single
Model part of larger framework
Incorporated models or components:
Spatial dimensions 2D
Spatial extent
Model domain Coastal
One-line model description Geomorphic model of barrier, estaurine, and shoreface translations plus dynamic marsh plus waves
Extended model description GEOMBEST++ is a morphological-behaviour model that simulates the evolution of coastal morphology and stratigraphy resulting from changes in sea level and sediment volume within the shoreface, barrier, and estuary. GEOMBEST++ builds on previous iterations (i.e. GEOMBEST+) by incorporating the effects of waves into the backbarrier, providing a more physical basis for the evolution of the bay bottom and introducing wave erosion of marsh edges.

marsh, barrier island, wave erosion, overwash, sea level rise,

First name Rebecca
Last name Lauzon
Type of contact
Institute / Organization Duke University
Postal address 1
Postal address 2
Town / City Durham
Postal code 27701
State North Carolina
Country United States
Email address

Supported platforms Windows
Other platform
Programming language Matlab
Other program language
Code optimized
Multiple processors implemented
Nr of distributed processors
Nr of shared processors
Start year development 2014
Does model development still take place? Yes
If above answer is no, provide end year model development
Code development status
When did you indicate the 'code development status'?
Model availability
Source code availability
(Or provide future intension)
Through CSDMS repository
Source web address
Source csdms web address
Program license type BSD or MIT X11
Program license type other
Memory requirements
Typical run time minutes to hours

Describe input parameters Note: See also the GEOMBEST++ Users Guide, section 6

A minimum of four excel files are required to run a GEOMBEST-Plus simulation: an “erosionresponse” file, an “accretionresponse” file, a “run#” file, and a “tract#” file. If the simulation involves a single coastal tract then the files must be titled “erosionresponse”, “accretionreponse”, “run1” file and “tract1.” Caution: Note that the run# and tract# files will have the same name (tract1, run1, etc., see below) for all simulations and so attention to organization is critical.

Input format
Other input format Excel
Describe output parameters Marsh boundary - gives the position of the backbarrier marsh edge through time

Shorelines - gives the position of the barrier shoreline through time step number - saves the surface morphology and stratigraphy for the model at each time step

Output format
Other output format .mat file
Pre-processing software needed? No
Describe pre-processing software
Post-processing software needed? No
Describe post-processing software
Visualization software needed? No
If above answer is yes
Other visualization software

Describe processes represented by the model See the GEOMBEST++ Users Guide, section 4.

Equilibrium profile Sea Level Change Depth-Dependant Shoreface Response Rate Backbarrier Deposition Bay and Marsh Infilling (including wave edge erosion)

Describe key physical parameters and equations
Describe length scale and resolution constraints Cell length - 10 - 100 meters

Cell height - 0.01 - 0.5 meters

Describe time scale and resolution constraints Time step - 1 - 50 years

Duration - Hundreds to thousands of years

Describe any numerical limitations and issues

Describe available calibration data sets
Upload calibration data sets if available:
Describe available test data sets
Upload test data sets if available:
Describe ideal data for testing Sample input and output files are included with the code.

Do you have current or future plans for collaborating with other researchers?
Is there a manual available? Yes
Upload manual if available: Media:Geombest+ Users Guide_v2016.pdf
Model website if any
Model forum / discussion board

This part will be filled out by CSDMS staff

OpenMI compliant Not yet"Not yet" is not in the list (Yes, No but planned, No but possible, No not possible) of allowed values for the "Code openmi compliant or not" property.
BMI compliant Not yet"Not yet" is not in the list (Yes, No but planned, No but possible, No not possible) of allowed values for the "Code IRF or not" property.
WMT component Not yet"Not yet" is not in the list (Yes, In progress, No but possible, No not possible) of allowed values for the "Code CMT compliant or not" property.
PyMT component
Can be coupled with:
Model info
Rebecca Lauzon
Moore, Murray




Citation indices GEOMBEST++
Nr. of pubs: --
Citations: 0
h-index: --"--" is not a number.

Publication(s)YearModel describedType of ReferenceCitations
Error: Table AuthorsMan not found.
{{{14}}} 2018. GEOMBEST++ version 1.0. , , 10.5281/zenodo.1248198
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Source code ref. --
Error: Table AuthorsMan not found.
{{{14}}} 2018. Effects of Marsh Edge Erosion in Coupled Barrier Island-Marsh Systems and Geometric Constraints on Marsh Evolution. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 123, 1218–1234. 10.1029/2017JF004530
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