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Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Feel free to contact us or use the wiki if you want to update or add any CSDMS related conferences to the list below.
About the table: Green1.png means that it's a CSDMS or CSDMS (co) sponsored meeting.

When Subject Where Type
Jul. 22-27 mIEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium Munich, Germany
Jul. 29-10 Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2012 Monterey, California
Aug. 5-10 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) Brisbane, Australia
Aug. 9-11 Annual Symposium, IGCP 582 - Tropical Rivers: Hydrophysical processes, impacts, hazards and management Iquitos, Peru
Aug. 13-17 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) - AGU (WPGM) Joint Assembly Singapore
Sep. 3-7 International RAMMS Workshop Davos, Switzerland
Sep. 16-19 AAPG 2012 International Conference & Exhibition (ICE) Singapore
Oct. 1-5 International Earth Science Colloquium on the Aegean Region (IESCA-2012) Izmir, Turkey
Oct. 11-15 IAHS-ICCE: Erosion and sediment yields in the changing environment Chengdu, China
Nov. 12-16 8th EGU Alexander von Humboldt Conference on "Natural Disasters, Global Change, and the Preservation of World Heritage Sites" Cusco, Peru
Nov. 14-16 Sediment Transport Modeling in Hydrological Watersheds and Rivers Istanbul, Turkey
Nov. 20-22 Floodcontrol 2015 Solutions for smart flood control Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Dec. 6-10 AGU Fall meeting San Francisco, CA, USA
Dec. 16-20 1st International Conference on Frontiers in Computational Physics: Modeling the Earth System Boulder, CO, USA
Jan. 28-31 IMBER (Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research)part of IMBIZO 3rd series Goa, India
May 21-24 Water in the Anthropocene Challenges for Science and Governance. Indicators, Thresholds and Uncertainties of the Global Water System. Bonn, Germany
Jun. 9-13 the 8th Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics, RCEM 2013 Santander, Spain
Jul. 14-19 10th ICSF: International Conference on Fluvial Sedimentology Leeds, UK Green1.png
Aug. 27-31 8th IAG/AIG International Conference on Geomorphology Paris, France