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Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Feel free to contact us or use the wiki if you want to update or add any CSDMS related conferences to the list below.
About the table: Green1.png means that it's a CSDMS or CSDMS (co) sponsored meeting.

When Subject Where Type
Oct. 09-12 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting & Expo Archean to Anthropocene Minneapolis, MN, USA Green1.png
Oct. 11-14 7th International Conference on Asian Marine Geology Goa, India
Oct. 18-21 11th International Conference on Cohesive Sediment Transport Processes, INTERCOH 2011 Shanghai, China
Oct. 19-21 XVIIIth Telemac & Mascaret User Club EDF Corporate University, Chatou island, France
Oct. 23-26 AAPG Milan, Italy
Oct. 24-28 The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Open Science Conference Denver, CO, USA
Oct. 25-29 The 10th International Conference on the Mediterranean Coastal Environment (MEDCOAST 2011) Rhodes, Greece
Oct. 28-30 CSDMS 2011 meeting: Impact of time and process scales Boulder, CO, USA Green1.png
Nov. 6-10 21st Biennial Conference of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
Nov. 21-24 World Delta Summit 2011 Jakarta , Indonesia
Nov. 23-25 EGU 2011 Leonardo Conference: Floods in 3D: Processes, patterns, predictions Bratislava, Slovakia
Nov. 28-2 IGCP: Preparing for Coastal Change Bangkok, Thailand
Dec. 05-09 AGU fall meeting CSDMS members AGU fall 2011 presentations San Francisco, CA, USA Green1.png
Feb. 20-24 AGU Chapman Conference on Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Water Cycle Kona, Hawaii, USA
Feb. 20-24 Ocean Sciences Meeting Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Mar. 7-9 42nd International Arctic Workshop Winter Park, Colorado, USA
Apr. 22-25 AAPG 2012 annual Convention & Exhibition; Future of E&P: Starring Creative Ideas and New Technology. Long Beach, CA, USA
Jun. 11-15 IAHS-ICCE International Conference on Wildfire and Water Quality: Processes, Impacts and Challenges The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada
Jun. 12-15 7th EUropean Congress on REgional GEOscientific Cartography and Information Systems - EUREGEO Bologna, Italy
Aug. 2-10 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) Brisbane, Australia
Oct. 11-15 IAHS-ICCE: Erosion and sediment yields in the changing environment Chengdu, China