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Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Feel free to contact us or use the wiki if you want to update or add any CSDMS related conferences to the list below.
About the table: Green1.png means that it's a CSDMS or CSDMS (co) sponsored meeting.

When Subject Where Type
Jan. 24-27 Chapman Conference on source-to-sink studies from around the world Oxnard, CA, USA Green1.png
Feb. 2-4 Workshop on the dynamics and mass budget of Arctic glaciers Winterpark, CO, USA
Mar. 2-4 41st annual Arctic Workshop Montreal, Canada
Apr. 09-19 CSDMS Modeling Short Course KOPRI, KORDI, Kangwon U, Korea Green1.png
May 09-13 Geological Society meeting on the Anthropocene London, UK Green1.png
Jun. 03-07 Ninth International Symposium on Geochemistry of the Earth’s Surface Boulder, CO, USA Green1.png
Jun. 05-08 MODFLOW and MORE 2011: Integrated hydrologic Modeling Golden, CO, USA
Jun. 06-10 Impacts of Global Change on Deltas, Estuaries & Coastal Lagoons Ebro Delta, Catalonia, Spain Green1.png
Jun. 28-07 XXV IUGG General Assembly Earth on the Edge: Science for a Sustainable Planet Melbourne, Australia
Sep. 6-8 The 7th RCEM Symposium Tsinghua University, Beijing, China Green1.png
Sep. 12-15 LOICZ Open Science Conference 2011 Yantai, China Green1.png
Oct. 09-12 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting & Expo Archean to Anthropocene Minneapolis, MN, USA Green1.png
Oct. 23-26 AAPG Milan, Italy
Dec. 05-09 AGU fall meeting San Francisco, CA, USA Green1.png
Jun. 12-15 7th EUropean Congress on REgional GEOscientific Cartography and Information Systems - EUREGEO Bologna, Italy
Aug. 2-10 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) Brisbane, Australia