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Upcoming Meetings and Workshops

Feel free to contact us or use the wiki if you want to update or add any CSDMS related conferences to the list below.
About the table: Green1.png means that it's a CSDMS or CSDMS (co) sponsored meeting.

When Subject Where Type
Feb. 2-3 Terrestrial Working Group meeting Boulder, CO, USA Green1.png
Feb. 4 CSDMS Steering Committee Meeting Boulder, CO, USA Green1.png
Feb. 24-28 2nd International conference on Precambrian Continental Growth and Tectonism (PGGT) Jhansi, UP, India
Feb. 25-26 Coastal Working Group meeting Charlottesville, VA, USA Green1.png
Feb. 25-26 Marine Working Group meeting Charlottesville, VA, USA Green1.png
Mar. 2 CSDMS Executive Committee Meeting Santa Barbara, CA, USA Green1.png
Mar. 3-4 CSDMS Cyberinformatics and Numerics Working Group Meeting Santa Barbara, CA, USA Green1.png
Mar. 23-27 Sediment Transport and Sedimentation on Asian Continental Margins Kaohsiumg, Taiwan
Mar. 25-27 International Conference on the Scientific Fundamentals for River Basin Management Tuebingen, Germany
Mar. 31-1 2nd Workshop on a Community Hydrologic Modeling Platform (CHyMP) University of Memphis, USA
Mar. 31-2 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE 2009) Los Angeles, Anaheim, USA
Apr. 5-9 Integration and Synthesis of MARGINS Sediment Source-to-Sink Research Gisborne, New Zealand
Apr. 17-19 The 3rd Graduate Climate Conference Seattle, WA, USA
Apr. 19-24 European Geosciences Union (EGU) Vienna, Austria
Apr. 21-24 The 39th Annual International Arctic Workshop Lewiston, Maine, USA
Apr. 26-30 7th International Science Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (Open Meeting) Bonn, Germany
May. 11-15 Applied Statistics for Geoscientists (5 day course) Potenza, Italy
Jun. 1-3 Modeling of turbidity currents and related gravity currents Santa Barbara, CA, USA Green1.png
Jun. 7-10 American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Denver, CO, USA
Jun. 29-01 Fourth International Workshop on Geographical Analysis, Urban Modeling, Spatial Statistics (GEOG-AN-MOD 09) Yongin, Korea
Jul. 6-11 7th International Geomorphology Conference (ANZIAG) (Ancient Landscapes - Modern Perspectives) Melbourne, Australia
Jul. 10-13 The 3rd International Conference on Knowledge Generation, Communication and Management: KGCM 2009 Orlando, Florida, USA
Jul. 10-13 7th International Conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies: CCCT 2009 Orlando, Florida, USA
Jul. 13-17 18th World IMACS Congress and MODSIM09 International Congress on Modelling and Simulation Cairns, Australia
Aug. 23-28 IAMG 2009 Annual Conference: Computational Methods for the Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences Stanford University, California Green1.png
Aug. 24-28 9th International Conference on Fluvial Sedimentology San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
Sep. 13-19 8th International Carbon Dioxide Conference Jena, Germany
Sep. 21-25 RCEM symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics Santa Fe City, Argentina Green1.png
Oct. 18-21 The Geological Society of America(GSA) annual meeting Portland, Oregon, USA
Nov. 8-11 4th International Symposium on Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences Austin, Texas, USA
Dec. 14-18 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall meeting San Francisco, CA, USA
Feb. 13-18 Ocean Sciences Meeting Portland Oregon, USA
Sep. 26-1 18th International Sedimentological Congress Mendoza, Argentinia
Aug 34th International Geological Congress (IGC) Brisbane, Australia