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=Meeting Calendar=
=Relevant meetings for the CSDMS community=
<center>{{#formlink:form=Submit_meeting_of_interest|link text=Add a meeting|namespace=MeetingOfInterest|link type=button}}</center>
<br><br><center>{{#formlink:form=Submit_meeting_of_interest|link text=Add a new meeting|link type=button}}</center>
For information on previous meetings, see '''[[Past_Meetings|Past meetings presented per event]]''', or {{#queryformlink:form=Presentations|link text=Select previous presentations}}
{{#ask: [[MeetingOfInterest:+]]  
{{#ask: [[MeetingOfInterest:+]]  

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Relevant meetings for the CSDMS community

For information on previous meetings, see Past meetings presented per event, or Select previous presentations

07 - 11 April 2021
AAG Annual Meeting 2021
Seattle California, United States
Registration is now closed

17 - 21 May 2021
This is a CSDMS supported meeting
CSDMS 2021: Changing Landscapes and Seascapes - Modeling for Discovery, Decision Making, and Communication
Boulder Colorado, United States
Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2021
Changing landscapes2021 a.jpg

22 - 24 June 2021
35th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology
Prague, Online, Czech Republic
Registration deadline: 14 April 2021
IAS35 2021.png