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  • CSDMS is the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System.
  • CSDMS is a growing community, with already 2118 members. Become part of it by signing up today!
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  • Attend the CSDMS Meeting 2010 to learn scientific insights in the modeling of surface dynamics and environmental change; new advances in cyber-infrastructure (CSDMS Model-coupling Tool, HPC technique); latest developments of CSDMS Working and Focus Research Groups; plus participate in the strategic direction of CSDMS. Registration Deadline is August 15, 2010. Location: San Antonio, Texas. October 13-17, 2010.To submit your application: CSDMS Meeting 2010
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Direct links to the 0 model descriptions in the repository available on the CSDMS website:

Download CSDMS Modeling Tool 1.5.1CSDMS Modeling Tool
v. 1.5.1 - 10/12/2010
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Upcoming Meetings Group area

The future ocean, Kiel, Germany

William Smith 2010: Landscapes into Rock, London, UK

CSDMS meeting 2010: Modeling for Environmental Change, San Antonio, TX (Abstract deadline: Aug. 15th)

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National Science Foundation
Major funding for CSDMS comes from a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation.