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<p align="center"><b></b>
<p align="center"><b></b>
'''<span style="color:red">New,</span> 3''' job opportunities:<br><ul><li>[[Jobs#CSDMS Integration Facility Position Openings (Boulder, CO)|CSDMS-iF position]], Boulder CO</li><li>[[Jobs#Computational Scientist, Fluid Dynamics|Computational Scientist]], Washington DC</li>
'''<span style="color:red">New:</span> 3''' [[Jobs | job opportunities]]</center><br><ul>
<li>[[Jobs#Opportunity_for_position_in_the_Sedimentology-Stratigraphy_Department_IFP|IFP, Sedimentology-Stratigraphy department]], Rueil Malmaison, France</li></ul></center>
<li>[[Introduction| CSDMS]] is the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System.</li>
<li>[[Introduction| CSDMS]] is the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System.</li>
<li>CSDMS is a growing community, with already
<li>CSDMS is a growing community, with already

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About Upcoming Meetings

New: 3 job opportunities

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MARGINS Successor Planning Workshop, San Antonio

AAPG, New Orleans

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