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Please follow [[media:Terrestrial Coastal WG Agenda10.16.09.pdf‎|this link]] to view the agenda dated October 16, 2009.
Please follow [[media:CSDMS_Terrestrial_Coastal_Agenda_updated_10.22.09.pdf|this link]] to view the agenda dated October 22, 2009.


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Joint workshop for CSDMS Terrestrial & Coastal Working Groups, Boulder, CO, Oct 26-27, 2009

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Date: October 26-27, 2009
Location: Millennium Hotel at Boulder (CO), USA


One of the things we will do at this meeting is to review and work on proof-of-concept projects that are underway and planned, as well as to generate ideas for new ones; collaborative projects involving interesting and relevant questions that can be addressed by coupling models of different environments. Since this meeting will be a combined Coastal/Terrestrial meeting, we'll be concentrating partly on ideas for questions involving coastal-terrestrial coupling. You are all welcome to participate in what should be a stimulating and enjoyable set of discussions, ranging from brainstorming to outlining grant proposals. Anyone interested should come with a few possible project ideas to toss out, which can involve scientific questions about a particular location, or can apply more broadly.

This meeting will also feature the opportunity to work on submitting model codes to CSDMS; time designated for CSDMS Integration Facility personnel to be on hand to help with tasks ranging from filling out the model questionnaire, to factoring the code into Initialize, Run, Finalize form, or making more sophisticated alterations. Remember, the process isn’t meant to involve too much, but with people there to help, it will be even easier to make ourselves get around to it. We can also make the knowledgeable Integration Facility people available by phone or video conference during these portions of the meeting, for those who can’t make it in person.


We will be able to provide lunches during the meeting. Depending upon the number of participants, we will be covering other expenses but unfortunately can’t promise anything more at this point until we know how many people will be attending. For this reason, please let us know soonest if you are interested to attend. We are holding a limited number of rooms at a nearby hotel that is within walking distance to the CSDMS Integration Facility.

If you are interested or have a question, please reply to Marlene Lofton (CSDMS Exec. Asst., csdms@colorado.edu.) If you are a Coastal member, please also copy Brad Murray (abmurray@duke.edu). If you are a Terrestrial member, please also copy Greg Tucker (Gregory.Tucker@Colorado.edu).

Circulars and Program

The joint Terrestrial & Coastal Working Groups will meet for 2 days.


Format: The format will consist of a mix of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises, breakout discussion groups, and writing sessions. Most time will be devoted to breakout-group and whole-group discussions.

Agenda: Please follow this link to view the agenda dated October 22, 2009.


Presentations given during the joint Terrestrial & Coastal Working Group meeting will be posted here.