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| Columbia SC USA 29208
| Columbia SC USA 29208
| Email: [mailto: goodall@engr.sc.edu goodall@engr.sc.edu]
| Email: [mailto:goodall@engr.sc.edu goodall@engr.sc.edu]
| Phone:+1 803.777.8184
| Phone:+1 803.777.8184

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Hydrology Focus Research Group


Welcome to the CSDMS Hydrology Focus Research Group (FRG) page. The Hydrology FRG is a research group (currently 0 members), that is additionally co-sponsored by CUAHSI, the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. Our goal is to provide input to the CSDMS effort on how to best represent hydrological processes and models within CSDMS. Another role that the Hydrology FRG will play is to facilitate links to other community hydrologic modeling activities, including those led by CUAHSI. We welcome your participation in the Hydrology FRG, and invite you to join at the link below.

Our first meeting was held on January 20th and 21st, 2009, at the CSDMS Integration Facility in Boulder, Colorado. For information about the January 2009 meeting visit: Hydrology_FRG_2009

Hydrology FRG quick links:


Jon Goodall Jon Goodall.jpg
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of South Carolina
300 Main St.
Columbia SC USA 29208
Email: goodall@engr.sc.edu
Phone:+1 803.777.8184


Missed the last Hydrology Focus Research Group meeting of Nov 16-17th? Please have a look at the the presentation to see what's discussed during the workshop.


Do you want to become part of CSDMS? Please do so in joining a Working Group or Focus Research Group.