Contribute to CSDMS


CSDMS Community

Members are strongly encouraged to fully participate at all levels of the CSDMS community. This includes providing model code and support tools, educational material (lectures, simulation movies, images, labs, key publications), and data for model initialization, testing and benchmarking. We also encourage members to use the community contributed models and provide feedback both to the working groups and authors --- what could be added, model successes and model limitations.

As a community effort, contributing to working and focus research groups is perhaps the finest way of focussing one's efforts. Let the Chair(s) of the appropriate group know that you want to be involved, in what capacity and how best to utilize your skills. This then could help maximize the impact of collective efforts. Working with others is the best way of getting things done.

Software vetting has three components: 1) verification that the model behaves as advertised; 2) confirmation that the code meets specifications, i.e. accompanied with metadata documentation or meets community protocols; and 3) demonstration that the model provides an accurate depiction of nature. In the world of community modeling, it is usual for software to be reviewed by a working group of specialists.