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!{{H23}} class="unsortable"|Source code
!{{H23}} class="unsortable"|Source code
|''Model'': Moving boundaries shoreline model
|'''Swenson''', John

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Search & download a specific model from the overall model list, or per category (see below for direct links). The lists will have links to each of the model descriptions, and some models you can directly run from the repository in the CMT.

Coastal model descriptions



  category       = Coastal
  mode           = userformat
  resultsheader  = There are %PAGES% coastal model descriptions available in the table below:



Questionnaires still need to be filled out for the following models:

Program Description Developer Source code
Geombest Model: A model that simulates the evolution of coastal morphology and stratigraphy resulting from changes in sea level and sediment supply. Moore, Laura Red1.png
Hyper Model: 2D depth-averaged hyperpycnal flow model Imran, Jasim Red1.png
Physprop Model: Physical and acoustic property simulator for either computer-generated or experimental strata Pratson, Lincoln Red1.png
SDM Model: Shelf Deposition Model Wolinsky, Matt Red1.png
SeisimID Model: Simulates post-stack, time-migrated seismic data of stratigraphic simulations Pratson, Lincoln Red1.png
Sequence4 Model: Stratigraphic model, focused on the long-term development of stratigraphic sequences Steckler, Michael Red1.png
SiAM3D Model: 3D hydrodynamic model based on the hydrostatic and Boussinesq approximations Cayocca, Florence Red1.png
SLAMM model Model: Sea Level Affecting Marshes model Park, Richard & Clough, Jonathan Red1.png
SLOSH Model: Sea, Lake and Overland Surges from Hurricanes National Hurricane Center Red1.png
SPEM Model: Shoreface profile evolution model Stive, Marcel Red1.png
SRSM Model: Soft-Rock Shoreline Model Walkden, Mike Red1.png
STM Model: Shoreline Translation Model Cowell, Peter Red1.png
WAM Model: Global ocean WAve prediction Model Jensen, Robert Red1.png