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Welcome to the CSDMS 2011 meeting

Impact of time and process scales

October 28-30th 2011 in Boulder Colorado, USA

Registration guidelines

Registration will open: Monday, July 18th.
Registration deadline: August 31st

Objectives and general description

The CSDMS Meeting 2011 will bring together CSDMS members to present new scientific insights in the modeling of surface dynamics and the impact of time and process scales, new advances in cyber-infrastructure, development and use of CSDMS models in education, and to allow the CSDMS Working and Focus Research Groups to engage in cross-domain discussions. Our Impact of time and process scales theme will address state-of-the art hydrological, ice, earth and ocean modeling, advances in the use of the CSDMS Model-coupling Tool (CMT), high performance computing projects, and will offer various hands-on clinics on specific community models as well as on model tools and protocols.

Conference set up

The 3 day conference (October 28-30th) will be held partly over the weekend so as to have a minimal impact on peoples courses and teaching schedules. The program includes keynote speakers, hands-on clinics about models as well as on model protocols and standards, poster sessions and there will be time for each of the Working Groups and Focus Research Groups to meet. The conference will include a joint dinner banquet as well. A more complete agenda of the conference will be posted later.


Please direct all inquiries to csdms@colorado.edu with subject title: CSDMS Meeting 2011