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[[media:CSDMS_Mtg_2010_Detailed_Schedule_updated_9.22.2010.pdf|CSDMS Meeting 2010: Daily Schedule]] ''(posted Sept. 23, 2010)''<br>
[[media:CSDMS_Mtg_2010_Detailed_Schedule_updated_9.22.2010.pdf|CSDMS Meeting 2010: Daily Schedule]] ''(posted Sept. 23, 2010)''<br>

<font color="red">(Note: Online registration is closed. Contact CSDMS directly for availability: csdms@colorado.edu)</font>
(Note: Online registration is closed. Contact CSDMS directly for availability: csdms@colorado.edu)

==Important Participant Information==
==Important Participant Information==

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Community Surface Dynamic Modeling System Meeting 2010:
“Modeling for Environmental Change”
San Antonio.jpg
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CSDMS Meeting 2010

CSDMS Meeting 2010: Modeling for Environmental Change will take place from October 13-17, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. The meeting will bring together CSDMS members to present scientific insights in the modeling of surface dynamics and environmental change; new advances in cyber-infrastructure (CSDMS Model-coupling Tool, HPC techniques); development and use of CSDMS models in education (short clinics on EKT products); and allow the CSDMS Working Groups and Focus Research Groups to strategize on the direction of CSDMS for the next 5 years (i.e., the CSDMS Strategic Plan and Renewal.)

CSDMS Meeting 2010: First Circular (posted May 20, 2010)
CSDMS Meeting 2010: Second Circular (posted August 14, 2010)
CSDMS Meeting 2010: Third Circular (posted August 16, 2010)

For daily schedule of keynotes, clinics, poster sessions, etc.:
CSDMS Meeting 2010: Daily Schedule (posted Sept. 23, 2010)

(Note: Online registration is closed. Contact CSDMS directly for availability: csdms@colorado.edu)

Important Participant Information

Clinic Sessions Requirements:
If you intend to participate in the hands-on part of a Clinic (run the CMT Modeling Tool on your laptop) and have already signed up for a BEACH account (Note: the deadline for this was September 15, 2010), please take the following actions in preparation for the meeting:

  1. Bring your user name and password to the meeting. We do not have access to this personal information.
  2. Go to this help link to ensure that your laptop can remotely connect to the CU system (access BEACH) through a vpn: (http://www.colorado.edu/cns/vpn/)
  3. Check your laptop’s requirements for running the CMT Modeling Tool (specific to its operating system) at this help link: (http://csdms.colorado.edu/wiki/Help:Ccaffeine_GUI#Downloads)
  4. If you have questions after following the instructions on these help links, contact CSDMS at: csdms@colorado.edu.

To receive reimbursement for lodging, you must have been pre-approved by CSDMS. (Confirmed participants will have received an email with hotel confirmation numbers by September 24, 2010.) Please check your confirmation email to ensure that your check-in and check-out dates are correct. If you require any changes, please contact the hotel directly at Ph: +1-201-222-1234. (If you are canceling your attendance, an additional courtesy notice to CSDMS would be appreciated: csdms@colorado.edu)

Please book your tickets early to ensure you arrive by your hotel check-in date.

The San Antonio International Airport is 9 miles (15 minutes) from the meeting hotel. Approximate cost of a taxi is $25.00 (one-way) and shuttle is $18.00 (one-way).
Shuttle Information: [AAA Express: 210-444-2222; SA Trans Airport Shuttle: 210-281-9900; http://saairportshuttle.com]. Taxi Information: [Yellow/checker Cab: 210-222-2222; Concord Cab: 210-444-2222]

How to Mail Items to Hotel in Advance of Meeting:
If you would like to mail your poster or other items ahead of the meeting, please use this template for your mailing label:

Hyatt Regency San Antonio - Riverwalk
123 Losoya Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
Ph: 210-222-1234
(10/14/2010 LIVE OAK ROOM)
(BOX ___ of ___)

Poster Space and Banquet Participation:
Your confirmation email lists whether you will have space reserved for a poster and to attend the banquet.

Registration and Travel Support:
Confirmed participants have received information regarding travel support. Within its budget, CSDMS intends to support the greatest number of its membership to attend this strategic planning meeting. For CSDMS financial support, we required a commitment to attend all of the sessions/days of the meeting. Registrations received by August 22nd were required to both secure space at the meeting and ensure a discounted room rate at the meeting hotel: Hyatt Regency, San Antonio Riverwalk. (Note: Online registration is closed. Requests to attend the meeting will be considered on a space- and time-available status. Contact CSDMS directly for availability: csdms@colorado.edu)

Reimbursement Process:
Confirmed and qualified participants have received details regarding their reimbursement amount. Qualified participants are those who have met the criteria for reimbursement. (Exceptions have been previously made with some participants. If you are unsure of your arrangement, please contact CSDMS at: csdms@colorado.edu)

Airfare Reimbursement: We might be able to accommodate a few participants over the stated airfare amount depending on others receiving fares well below that amount. Please note that we are constrained to only provide reimbursement after the meeting (a process that may take 4-5 weeks), and we require original receipts. Email proof is fine -- but proof of payment must be evident. Please purchase your tickets early. Thank you.

Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursement: Reimbursement of the stated amount for miscellaneous expenses follow the same guidelines as stated in the Airfare Reimbursement section. Additionally, meal reimbursements must include an itemized meal ticket along with the payment receipt, and we are only able to reimburse meal amounts according to the federal regulations regarding limits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner per U.S. city. We are unable to reimburse alcohol expenses.

Following the meeting, original receipts that demonstrate proof of payment may be mailed to CSDMS at this address:

University of Colorado at Boulder
UCB 545
Boulder, Colorado 80309

Thank you. We wish you a safe journey to San Antonio, Texas, and look forward to a successful meeting.

San Antonio, Texas

The 4 day conference (October 14th-17th) is intended to be enjoyable for your spouse/partner as well. Our evening banquet is on October 16th and enough time is scheduled to enjoy lunch in one of the many nearby restaurants. An abundance of activities are available in or nearby San Antonio such as: a) McNay Art Museum, b) San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, c) Riverwalk, d) SeaWorld, e) Botanical Gardens, and f) Zoo, among others. Watch this 60 second video to learn more about what San Antonio has to offer.