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Form filled out by Albert Kettner from information available on the web.  +
Form was filled out by Albert Kettner, based on information available on the web  +
GOLEM was written in the 1990s by one of the creators of CHILD. Although it lacks many of the special capabilities of CHILD, it has a simpler, more compact code base (just a single C source file) and uses a raster grid data structure.  +
I currently have an NSF-CMG grant to work with Greg Tucker, Tom Manteuffel and Steve McCormick to find faster algorithms for this type of model.  +
Information provided by Bert Jagers  +
Laura Moore updated this questionaire and uploaded sample simulations and a user's guide on 10/29/2012.  +
Limitations of FACET. The accuracy of FACET output depends on the quality and resolution of the DEM used. The user should not interpret FACET stream and floodplain geomorphic measurements as a replacement for on-the-ground measurements of geomorphic characteristic. Rather, FACET provides a tool to rapidly assess patterns in geomorphic characteristics at a regional scale. Any FACET output should be screened for outliers and abnormalities.  +
Linkages Supported: Links to GLUE (Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation) program for sensitivity/uncertainty/calibration analyses.  +
Manual/videos/walkthroughs available through the wiki on the sourceforge site above.  +
Mariotti, G., AC Spivak, SY Luk, G Ceccherini, M Tyrrell, ME Gonneea, (2020), Modeling the spatial dynamics of marsh ponds in New England salt marshes, Geomorphology, 107262  +
Mariotti, G., W.S. Kearney, S. Fagherazzi, (2016), Soil creep in salt marshes, Geology, 44 (6), 459-462.  +
Method is also available as part of the Freeware SedLog package - see  +
Model described in: G. Mariotti, and J. Carr, (2014), Dual role of salt marsh retreat: Long-term loss and short-term resilience, WRR, DOI: 10.1002/2013WR014676. The source code reproduce figure 2 of this paper.  +
Model description and calibration can be found in: Leonardi, N., and S. Fagherazzi (2014), How waves shape salt marshes, Geology , doi:10.1130/G35751.1. Leonardi, N., and S. Fagherazzi (2015), Local variability in erosional resistance affects large scale morphodynamic response of salt marshes to wind waves, Geophysical Research Letters, 2015GL064730, doi:10.1002/2015GL064730.  +
Model questionnaire filled out based on website, by Albert Kettner  +
Model requires the use of the FFTW discrete Fourier transform subroutine library. Users should independently download this library, which is available at:  +
Model was initially developed to interpolate between analogue experiments and landscape evolution done at the Utrecht University by George Postma and coworkers.  +
More will be filled out soon (10/18/2010)  +
More will be filled out soon (10/18/2010)  +
More will be filled out soon (10/18/2010)  +