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FractionalNoises2D Questionnaire

Contact Information

Model: FractionalNoises2D
Contact person: Jon Pelletier (model developer)
Institute: University of Arizona
City: Tucson, AZ
Country: USA
2nd person involved: --
3rd person involved: --

Model Description

Model type: Modular model for the terrestrial domain.
Description: --

Technical information

Supported platforms: Windows, UNIX
Programming language: C
Model development started at: -- and development ended in 2008.
To what degree will the model become available: Source code
Current license type: GPLv3
Memory requirements: --
Typical run time: --

Input / Output description

Input parameters: --
Input format: ASCII
Output parameters: --
Output format: ASCII
Post-processing software (if needed): No
Visualization software (if needed): Yes, any software able to visualize gridded data (RiverTools / 3DEM)

Process description

Processes represented by model: --
Key physical parameters & equations: --
Length scale & resolution constraints: --
Time scale & resolution constraints: --
Numerical limitations and issues : --


Available calibration data sets: --
Available test data sets: --
Ideal data for testing: --

User groups

Currently or plans for collaborating with: --


Key papers of the model: Pelletier, J.D., Quantitative Modeling of Earth Surface Processes, Cambridge University Press, 2008.
Is there a manual available: --
Model website if any: --

Additional comments

Comments: --



Input Files

Output Files


Source-Code Snapshots

Source-code snapshots are available via ftp at:

The latest version:



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