09 2018 TWG newsletter

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Terrestrial Working Group Newsletter – September 2018

Dear CSDMS Terrestrial Working Group members,

We hope your fall is going well. Here is some information that we hope will improve your experience as a TWG member.

Member spotlight announcement

We are initiating a member spotlight award to highlight the science being done by TWG members. This is a great way to learn more about how TWG members are using data and/or models in creative ways. Nominations are now open for our first member spotlight - self nominations are encouraged. You can see the working group members here. Fill out the google form here by November 1, 2018, providing the following information:

  1. Name of nominee
  2. affiliation
  3. career stage
  4. <150 word description of the cool science that the nominee is doing. This should highlight the data/modeling aspects of the work.
  5. [OPTIONAL] No more than two reasons why this person should be spotlighted beyond their cool science, i.e. broader impacts or personal story. [100 words maximum.]
  6. [OPTIONAL] Anything else we should know? (e.g. name of nominator)

We will announce the winner in our next newsletter, with twitter and website announcements too, along with special acknowledgement at the annual meeting.

TWG Focus - give us your input

Why did you join the Terrestrial Working Group? Where would you like the TWG to focus its efforts in the coming year? Is there a webinar topic that you could help to present? Share your input in this Google form. We'll use the answers to guide our facilitation of activities and Science Teams.

Sample answers:
Why did you join CSDMS TWG?
Nicole: Because I wanted to meet more modelers and learn more about the available models.
Leslie: Although I was working mostly with experimental data, I wanted to know what models would be relevant to my research topic.

What do you want the focus for the next year to be?
Nicole: I want to be more pro-active about connecting members.
Leslie: This year I'd like to learn more about the members in the TWG and their research.

Did you know?

The CSDMS integration facility has already started giving webinars. This fall there are three: one on Landlab (this webinar can be viewed here), one on using CSDMS in the classroom (info and sign up here), & one on BMI (info and sign up here). To see more about what is going on at CSDMS, check out the CSDMS website.

Are you writing a proposal which would benefit from input from the CSDMS integration facility? For example, would you like to use a CSDMS modeling tool for a future project? Or are you planning to build a new model or model component and you would like advice on best practices for testing and naming conventions? Would you like to broaden the impacts of your research by making your model available in the CSDMS model repository and/or making training materials available in the CSDMS EKT repository? The CSDMS integration facility can help. The first step is to request a letter of support for your proposal. Please contact Lynn McCready (lynn.mccready@Colorado.EDU) for help with the process.

Thanks for your input into our community!
Nicole (mailto:ngaspari@tulane.edu) and Leslie (lhsu@usgs.gov)