CSDMS 2017 annual meeting Nicole Gasparini

Presentation provided during CSDMS annual meeting 2017

Modeling Earth-Surface Dynamics with Landlab 1.0
Nicole Gasparini
TU, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Nicole M. Gasparini and Erkan Istanbulluoglu with Sai S. Nudurupati, Jordan M. Adams, Eric Hutton, Katherine R. Barnhart and Gregory E. Tucker.

Landlab a Python toolkit for building, coupling, and exploring two-dimensional numerical models of Earth-surface dynamics. This clinic will provide a hands-on introduction to Landlab's features and capabilities, including how to create a model grid, populate it with data, and run numerical algorithms for surface hydrology, hillslope sediment creation and transport, and stream incision. We will highlight the structure and examples from two complete models built within the Landlab framework: a ecohydrology model and an overland flow model. For participants interested in both Landlab and the Dakota toolkit, we encourage you to sign up for both this clinic and a following clinic on using Dakota in the context of Landlab models. Participants are encouraged to install Landlab on their computers prior to the clinic. Installation instructions can be found at: http://landlab.github.io (select "Install" from the menu bar at the top of the page).

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