CSDMS 2017 annual meeting David Gochis

Presentation provided during CSDMS annual meeting 2017

Process linkages in the WRF-Hydro/NOAA National Water Model: Different processes operating on different scales
David Gochis
UCAR, Research Applications Laboratory
The community WRF-Hydro system has evolved from a basic land surface modeling scheme for atmospheric models into a more comprehensive operational hydrologic prediction system.  Key to this evolution was explicit accounting for the need to represent different processes at different scales or with different types of spatial representations. The most recent evolution of the WRF-Hydro system was its implementation as the modeling system supporting the new NOAA National Water Model which become officially operational in August of 2016. This presentation will discuss the different kinds of configurations utilized within the NOAA National Water Model (NWM) and how the WRF-Hydro system was adapted to meet those requirements.   Specific emphasis will be placed on describing the spatial transformations and flux passing methods that were required to maintain coupling between different parts of the forecasting system.  Also discussed will be future work that is planned to enable new process representations within the NWM and how modeling approaches under the CSDMS has influenced this development.

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