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CSDMS Model repository

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All models

 All models

Number of models: 212, Number of tools: 85, WMT compliant: 33

Type: All of the models mentioned below

Terrestrial models

Terrestrial models

Number of models: 93, Number of tools: 76, WMT compliant: 9

Type: Landscape evolution models, avulsion models, sediment transport models, advection diffusion models, ice sheet evolution models, lithospheric flexure models, groundwater models, surface water-quality models, water balance models, etc.

Coastal models

Coastal models

Number of models: 64, Number of tools: 7, WMT compliant: 9

Type: Coastline evolution models, delta sedimentation models, tidal flat models, storm surge models, plume models, tubidity current models, stratigraphic models, wave refraction models, etc.

Hydrological models


Number of models: 70, Number of tools: 48, WMT compliant: 24

Type: Hydrologic models, stream avulsion models, flow routing models, groundwater models, fluvial sediment transport models, etc.

Marine models


Number of models: 51, Number of tools: 7, WMT compliant: 4

Type: Basin circulation models, gravity flow models, wave models, stratigraphy models, etc.

Geodynamic models

Geodynamic models

Number of models: 14, Number of tools: 1, WMT compliant: 1

Type: Fault, lithospheric flexure, lithosphere deflection, Mantle Evolution Model, etc.

Climate models

Climate models

Number of models: 12, Number of tools: 4, WMT compliant: 2

Type: Climate models, weather models

Carbonates and Biogenics models

Laboratory movies

Number of models: 3, Number of tools: 4, WMT compliant: 1

Type: Carbonate cyclicity model